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"My work is primarily an investigation in visual thinking, The relationships of color, surface, composition, as well as experience, are addressed in the exercise of creating each painting. The work is involved with the possibilities and properties of the materials. The medium is mostly acrylic, oils, canvas, and sometimes found materials…Every piece is an accumulation of experiences encountered in the process of doing. Paint enables color to define space and create its own presence. This dynamic is the most involved passionate ongoing dialogue that I pursue in my studio work. My commitment is to keep the work forward, honest, and unencumbered by the burden of current art themes and styles.

I paint because it offers me a vision into the pure examination of visual principles and enables me to engage in thinking as a process. It is this visceral and passionate experience that keeps the work fresh and exciting for me as an artist. My most recent work deals with what makes an experience memorable. The variables in this investigation are color, arrangements, and rearrangements that offer the viewer a new visual understanding."

​​​Nancy Bergman Pantirer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, as well as a Master of Arts from Montclair State College. She further refined her craft through graduate coursework at Tufts University Museum School in Boston and Pratt University in New York. Her painting and sculpture have been exhibited throughout the country and can be found in collections such as the University of Hartford, as well as corporate and private collections. Her studio is located in Tribeca in NYC.

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